What will they add-up to…

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Get Brexit done…

… a phrase that’s doin’ my ‘ead-in.

It’s what advertisers call a ‘sticky phrase’.  

In the same genre as ‘Beans means, Heinz’.  An advertising strap-line from over 20 yers ago and still sticks.  A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play.  Drink a pint-a milk a-day.

Of course beans don’t ‘mean‘ Heinz and a Mars bar a-day is probably not within CMO’s guidelines!  

A pint of milk?  I don’t think so… any more than you can be ‘Sure of Shell’ even if  ‘You’re with the Woolwich’!

Get Brexit done?  I don’t think so.  Certainly not this year, or next.  

We could be ten years ‘getting it done’.  There’s a huge job of negotiation and renegotiation, realignment and reorganising ahead of us and frankly, I am still, by no means, sure that we will leave.

Get Brexit done?  No, but get something done… yes.  Please.

The election has turned into an auction, empty promises and conspiracy theories.

If this election has done anything, it has put the NHS front and centre.  The record, poor performance, tagged to 10 years of austerity policies.

In the last Queen’s Speech, that one that was fiddled and then fizzled out, provisions were being made to make changes to the Health and Social Care Act 2012, Lansley’s Lunacy, to repeal section 75, removing the NHS from the purview of the Competition and Markets Authority, and the requirement to market test everything.

In addition, small changes that would allow NHSE and NHSI, to merge.  Very important.  Yes, let’s get that done.

It looks to me, both Labour and Tories will do that, in some form or other.

So, who to vote for?

We are not going to ‘get Brexit done’.  What else?

None of the political parties have a solution, to resolve the urgent crisis in social care.  

Throwing money at it, short term, exacerbates the problem.  The structural issues get worse.  The delivery gap gets wider.

No one has a workforce solution.  

We don’t have enough people across the landscape of care.  There are not enough homegrown, suitably qualified people coming into the labour-force.  

We are in competition with the rest of developed healthcare systems, to recruit from overseas and our unwelcoming attitude to migration has already driven good people away.

There is no hint, from anyone, of a centrally driven IT strategy that will untangle the mess we are in.  Hospitals across England are using at least 21 different electronic medical record systems to log patient information.  It’s daft and probably dangerous.

No concept of demand management, to stem the incessant flow of patients.  

We are not going to build 6, 10, 20 or 30 new hosptials in 10 years; there isn’t the money to pay for them.  No staff to staff them, there isn’t the money in the system for the Trusts to pay the capital charges.  There isn’t the capacity in the building industry.

All the funding pledges fall below the 4% historical average up-lift, that everyone agrees is the minimum we need to get the NHS back on its feet.

The NHS isn’t going to be sold to Donald Trump and yes, US pharma will press for higher prices, they have done that for the 40 years I’ve been around and there are a number of US companies already providing services here.

They could be on a sticky wicket if Sec 75 gets repealed.

So, who are you going to vote for?  

You must vote.  People have given their lives for the freedom, for us, to make choices.  So… who?

Six rules for making choices;

  1. Think about the big stuff, don’t get sucked into side issues
  2. Stick to your beliefs
  3. What does the past tell you
  4. Stick to the facts
  5. There is rarely the ‘perfect’ decision, often ‘good enough, is good enough’
  6. Go for it, don’t look back.

Most of all, be content with what you chose.  Life is the sum of your choices… what will they add up to on polling day?

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