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I’m writing this in the morning.  Just after nine.  The day yet to fulfil its promise. In the garden, there’s a greenfinch popping in and out of the conifer. 

By lunchtime we will know if the Chancellor is going to find some cahones and do something about NHS funding.  It’s his ‘Spring Statement’. (Update; he didn’t!)

By midnight we will know if our relationship with Russia will be like the greenfinches, squawking and squabbling with the others.  Depending on that outcome, not a lot else might matter!

(Update; it’s bad!)

In the meantime, this morning, people will be trying to see their GP.  Others waiting anxiously for an ambulance.  There’ll be queues in A&E.  Others waiting… waiting to get home.

For some… a letter telling them their appointment’s been shelved… many, not for the first time.

It’ll be yer average morning in the struggling, going broke NHS.  

The NHS where the smell of money is enough to keep things going.  Money-vapour filling the tank, with a blend of perspiration and vocation, creating a high-octane mix that will fuel the machine for another shift.

Another day where the majority of staff still don’t know if their next pay rise depends on them giving-up a day’s holiday.

A day when it became known that NHSI is to spend £500,000, with McKinsey, to (as David Williams, reported in the HSJ)… ‘clarify its purpose‘.

What joy that will bring to the front-line of healthcare, knowing, NHSI, not long ago, spent £630,000 with KPMG, to work on its ‘culture and values and operating model‘.  

How fortunate we are to be in the hands of leaders who understand mindfulness.  Sensitive to our times and pressures… 

….oh, to hell with it….  I haven’t got the energy to be sarcastic.  Why should I dress this up.  Why don’t I say what you’d say if you could.

This is a bloody insult.

Have NHSI lost their last marble?  

£1,130,000 is what it’s cost to hire KPMG and McKinsey to do something which I’m pretty sure anyone working in the Leadership Academy could have done.

First, how do KPMG and McKinsey justify these fees for doing something so simple.  Even if it was complicated, how do they justify it?  If they all come to work in a Bentley, have their lunch sent in from The Caprice and their path scattered with rose petals, how do they justify the price?

Second, who, in these organisations thinks they can get away with day-light robbery.  Name the spiv in McKPiGY who thinks they can treat the public purse like it’s their petty cash.  Who is running them?  I thought Dick Turpin was dead.  Even Claud Duvall had manners.  

Third, who, in their right mind, would pay this kind of money?  Who agreed this?  Who signed it off?  Who said, yes?  

Will Dido Harding, Chair NHSI, when she next visits a hospital, look a staff nurse in the eye and say; ‘Guess what I’ve agreed to, today’! 

Will Ian Dalton, ChEx NHSI, when he is next berating a struggling Trust for not delivering their controls-total, start the conversation with… ‘Guess what I’ve spent this morning‘.

Will Lord Carter, NED at NHSI, and heading the programme to show the NHS how to spend less, stand up at his next conference appearance and start with; ‘Guess what I’ve agreed the Board should do…

NHSI is has lost its way.  It will take more than McKPiGY to rescue them.  I doubt even the Thunderbirds would take it on.

It’s worth remembering, we are regulated by consent.  No chief executive, no chair, no NED, no member of staff, no member of the public would consent to this.  Neither should The Tinkerman.  If NHSI lose our consent and our respect, they will achieve nothing.

DiDo is ex-Harvard and McKinsey.  Carter… ex-McKesson. Dalton…  ex-BT.  If they don’t know what to do next, we have the wrong people.  Or, is it safer for them to sign a cheque than put their name to something radical?  Easier than doing real work?

Dump McKPiGY… role up your sleeves: 

  • use Survey Monkey to find out what chief executives and your staff, think; 
  • visit every hospital; 
  • organise lunchtime meet and greet with staff;
  • get a lawyer, on secondment, and figure out how to create a framework approach to meet with NHSE ‘in common’…  

..use one of the old PCT models for a starter.  Or copy Pennine… it’s been done before.

Stop palavering about.  Stop squandering our money.  Start thinking what message this sends.  


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Reproduced at TrainingPrimaryCare.com by kind permission of Roy Lilley.