We’re all fighters now…

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At times like these;

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again…

Who thought I’d draw on the Foo Fighters for inspiration… but they are right.

We are learning to do a lot of things, again.  Learning to ‘do-different’.  Learning to live a different life.  Maybe alone.  

Learning to give again.  Learning that giving is better than taking, better than hoarding, better than stock-pilling.  

Learning that life is much more full of love than we all thought.  The love of friends and relatives we can’t visit, workmates we can only be with on a screen. 

The kindness of strangers.  The love that goes unnoticed.

Realising how much we’ve loved the simple things that are now beyond our reach.  Mates, pubs, clubs, societies, families, a hug, shopping, a walk in the park.

Learning, that this time will pass but not before time has done its work and exhausted the unwelcome visitor in our lives… before it exhausts us.

Time to find out about ourselves.

The days of confused messaging culminated in the Prime Minister’s address at half-past eight last night.  If you watched, you watched history being made.

His message was simple; stay at home.

I know he looks ridiculous, gets his haircut in B&Q and thinks he’s Churchill… but he’s the Prime Minister.  

Get over it, there are more sensible people than him, telling him what’s what.

How will lock down Britain be policed, how will a policeman tell if it’s your second walk of the day? 

If we have to ask nit-picking questions, be a smart-arse, look for a loop hole or a way around it… you just don’t get it.

This is this is not about us.  This is about what we can do in our lives to save a life, in the lives of people we many never meet.

Is that dramatic?  No.  If one person spreads to another, the compounding effect takes five steps get to 65,536.  That’s why Einstein said compounding is the 8th wonder of the world. 

If the plan is to turn ExCel into a 4,000 bed hospital and probably the O2, too… you can be sure it’s time to take it seriously.

In the civic resilience play-book, it’s about now, when life gets tough, that leaders will be doubted, policies squeezed.  We all need to up our game, remember…

Pow, right between the eyes
Oh, how nature loves her little surprises
Wow, it all seems so logical now
It’s just one of her better disguises
And it comes with no warning
Nature loves her little surprises

Continual crisis.… yes, it’s the Foo Fighters again and we’re all fighters now.

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