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The most commonly used idioms are, probably, ‘the best of both worlds’, ‘speak of the devil’, ‘see eye to eye’ and… what about ‘once in a blue moon’!

There’s another one in the making; ‘I’m sick of Brexit, let’s get out’.

Whether you’re a remain-er-in-er or a get-er-out-er, it’s a dangerous thought. Taking a really massive step, with the future of the nation and our kids, is not something we should be doing because we are fed-up with the machinations.

Somehow, cool heads and bright minds have to finagle a way through this. Patience is a virtue….

Government’s best idea is to change the leader. Not realising… it won’t change the problem.

There are basic mistakes leaders make:

• being defensive;

• misinterpreting peoples’ concerns, seeing them as opposition;

• not telling the whole truth;

• communicating through the wrong channels;

• trying to be ‘strong’, when ‘real’ is what we want;

• and… dodging reality.

The Brexit saga is a case study in how not to negotiate, how not to lead, how not to communicate and most of all, what happens when you let events take over.

First rule of negotiating to win; control the time line.

This is a horrible mess and plunged Labour and Conservatives to an historic low-point. On our TV screens, and in the newspapers, the self absorbed Tory Party is self-eviscerating and Labour beating itself up.

Will the boy who gets his haircut at B&Q and wears his laundry basket, really become the leader of our nation? Or, can we expect, the increasingly cool and urbane, Jeremy Hunt?

Other wannabe’s are probably also rans, not least No18. As much as he poses with his horses, in the Daily Telegraph, looking like a character in a Jilly Cooper novel, or writes about his ‘vision’, he’s not heading for Downing Street.

Where he should be headed is the Tower of London, or wherever we send errant politicians, to face charges of neglecting their duties.

When I interviewed him, at the end of March, I asked him, directly, when can we expect the Green Paper on the future of adult social care. He looked me in the eye and said the end of April. Where is it?

I could kick myself… I neglected to ask him, which year.

Is he a fool, a liar or not in charge of events? Take your pick…

Last week at PMQs, The Maymite wriggled out of the same question.

Why is this urgently needed document struggling to find a way out of the long grass? Simple…

… it will have to say, in one way or another, we must pay more for elder care and this is no time for a government, on death-row, to shoot itself in the foot, by heralding a tax-hike.

Workforce? There might be a plan in the offing. Where is it?

It cannot be beyond the ken of the Secretary of State for Health to understand, the NHS Long Term Plan will never be delivered without the right number of people, doing the right job, at the right time, in the right place.

Why the delay? My guess; the damage to the workforce is structural and no one in government has the first clue how to fix it.

Losing more GPs than we train, 90 nurses a day leaving, 20,000 mental health workers gone last year… whatever plan is conjured it won’t magic-up the staff, in the numbers and the time scale we need.

The Mandate; it’s overdue. Not that it matters.

The LTP is the Mandate, but it is the principle that is important. Hancock’s job is to write a Mandate. Instead, he’s been busy writing love letters to the Tory faithful in the weekend papers.

I’m often asked which of 18 SoSs I have worked with, alongside or observed, was worst. Lansley was the worst, by a country mile.

Number 18?

Vacuous ideas about faxes and pagers and endorsing Apps. Suggesting nurses still stand when consultants enter the room. Prancing and preening and blatantly using the NHS as a stepping stone to Downing Street, leaving us with the millstone of his do-nothing legacy.

Is he an entire waste of time? Actually, no. There’s an upside… he has demonstrated the NHS can function perfectly well, without a Secretary of State.

Successors, take note!

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