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The weekend’s come and gone, I haven’t really noticed.  Last week felt like a week of Sundays.  This week won’t be much different.

Will a Monday never come…

For many of you it must be bedlam.  You’ll be praying for a Sunday to come back into your life.

One day last week, the Ocado man came at 11.30pm.  I can’t tell you what day.  I do remember Thursday, was the day we gave the NHS a standing ovation.

Everyone I know is working flat out.  These are exceptional times and our community of exceptional people are doing exceptional things.

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s happened so far; 

  • The NHS declared a Level Four, National Emergency on January 30, six weeks before WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic.
  • Mobilised and freed-up 33,000 beds for coronavirus patients – a third of all hospitals.
  • Enabled 18,000 nurses and doctors to return to practice, 
  • Supported 730,000 new volunteers. 
  • Did an unprecedented deal with the independent sector, to use, en-bloc, their 8,000 beds
  • Started work on three Nightingale Hospitals.

Oh, and …

Bojo is banjaxed by C’rono…

Matt is flat… on his back…

The CMO has no where to go… 

…   I’ll let you finish this, in you own words!

Who takes over from BoJo, now he’s CoroJo? 

He hasn’t got a deputy. The office is not a permanent position, existing only at the discretion of the Prime Minister.  

Michael Heseltine, was the first one I can remember.  Appointed by the PM, John Major, frankly, to shut him up.

David Cameron appointed Nick Clegg as a coalition bribe.

Since then we haven’t had one.  Apparently the Foreign Secretary is de-facto.

What happens when the boss can’t be the boss?  What if it happens where you work?  Someone must step up.  Could it be you?

This week you should be having a conversation about who does what, if the boss, the manager or you, falls victim.  What’s the step-up plan?  What’s the succession plan.

Access to files, plans, passwords and sign-off authorities has to be top of the list.  You should be having meetings, sharing, everything you’ve got.  No legacy surprises.

Work on the basis any of you could be away tomorrow.  Plan accordingly.

There’s likely to be a general reduction in staff as they fall-sick or have to self-isolate and remote working will create its own issues.  

Is there a fall-back plan for your department?  

Staff testing is due to be rolled out this week.  Make sure you know how, if and when it will work for you or your people.

If the boss is away and they are able to work, is there a tested method of keeping them in the loop?  How good is the wifi at Boss Towers, or 23 Acacia Avenue?  Is there an emergency line of communication?

The boss may be away because they are assigned elsewhere, this might give you a chance for a handover.  

If there is time, the boss should talk to everyone and make it clear, who they are handing the reins, to.  They should do it in a way to show they have trust and confidence.

If it falls to you to take on the roll, how ready are you?  Are you across the issues, can you see the bigger picture?  This is the opportunity to see if you really have what it takes to do the next job up. 

If you do have to step up, the first task; talk to colleagues, review everything, what are the priorities.   Get a grip on the actuality, where you really are, not where you think you are.  

You are not a messenger and you are not a delayer.  You are it.

Your job is going to be tougher than the bosses job, you’ll have fewer people, many will be Corona’d, plus there will be greater demands.  This is the chance to make your department and the people, sizzle.

It’s all about delivery and that means people.  Get them onside, ask for their help, use words like together, us and we.  You are the boss but collegiate will give you a soft landing.

You don’t have to ask permission any more.  If there’ve been nagging things that need sorted, now’s the time.  Make things better.

During your time in charge, you will be dealing with other leaders, in these dark days, this is your chance to shine.

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