Roundtable / Workshops

Primary care practices and GPs are facing an overwhelming amount of pressure from many sources: patients, local authorities, central government, CCG’s, CQC, LMC’s and NHSE.

TrainingPrimaryCare has a wealth of knowledge that can deliver a series of roundtable / workshops in line with London’s Shaping a Healthier Future (SaHF) strategy to help Doctors, Partners, Business and Practice Managers to meet the challenges facing their practices.

The workshops cover a number of subjects (not limited to):

  • understanding SaHF
  • the new role of a Practice Manager
  • practice leadership
  • business strategy in primary care
  • redefinition of organisational culture
  • business development – how to maximise revenues and generate new income sources
  • delivering change – culture and value systems in modern primary care
  • practice balance sheets / P&L
  • creating efficient processes that are fit for purpose
  • staff recruitment and retention
  • developing core skills and competencies in general practice
  • working in partnership with other providers in line with future forecasts

TrainingPrimaryCare can demonstrate how to implement a self-managed structured evaluation of a practice to improve effectiveness and efficiency for both patient care and practice management. This will allow practices to implement and drive change that improve the ability not only to meet current challenges but also to respond to the inevitable future demands on its GPs and staff.

Sessions would provide GPs and Practice Managers with the skills and knowledge required for both service delivery and organisational development both now and in the future.

TrainingPrimaryCare has moved away from the traditional concept of a training workshop and a lecturing type set up, preferring to employ the term ‘roundtable’. Attendees are encouraged to be active participants in determining not only the outcome of the event but sharing their knowledge and understanding of a situation creating a far more conducive learning environment. The team would identify what the group wants to achieve and tailor the roundtable to deliver the outcomes that will best serve the attendees.

Sessions are delivered as individual roundtables or in a larger series of say 6 sessions (approximately 3 hours each) with fully supported documentation (inclusive) and video pod/webcasting (if required).

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