No turning back…

No Turning Back... NHS_Training_in_Primary_Care_General_Practice

The present doesn’t last for ever.  It just feels like it does.

The past, on the other hand, is always with us.  What we do today writes our history, our legacy.  What we did, is what we’ve done.  Good or bad.

As the weeks unfold we’ll be doing a lot of things differently.  A lot of things we never thought possible.  A lot of things we never knew we could.

For ten years, austerity policy has driven the NHS backwards.  Beleaguered with debt, because the Service has been obliged to provide more care than it was paid to do, it’s been fertile ground for the bullies from the regulators and the fools at the CQC.

Asking for the impossible and then trashing the careers of excellent people, knowing full-well they’ve been unable to provide it.

Safe staffing… the impossible that has driven careers and perfectly sound Trusts, onto the rocks.  You can’t employ staff that don’t exist in the locality, the country, the continent, or the world.

Whistleblowers who have tried and tried again to make wilfully blind management see the truth… ostracised, dealt with like criminals, careers deliberately ruined.

Care homes that we’ve known, really aren’t safe.  Our most fragile loved ones left in the hands of people who have had no training and no chance of coping.

Millions, squandered on making the same mistakes over and over again, buying technologies that didn’t work.  The public, treated like an interruption of the working day, forced to queue, wait, hang about, whilst we lost their records.

Politicians who have changed and hammered the NHS into pointless reforms that have actually improved nothing, frittered millions and taken us back to the place we first started.

All that will change…  

… because politicians, who have their backsides on-the-line, know; a front page picture of a nurse, wearing a bin-bag, instead of PPE, pulls the rug on their promises of millions of this-and-that kit.

Politicians who realise; telling lies about testing will be called out because we, too, have calculators and social media has given us all a voice. 

All of this changed… when the first person stepped over their door-step and clapped for the NHS.  We knew the ovation was as much applause for the NHS as it was a warning… mess with the NHS at your peril.

All of this has changed because people who work in the NHS have realised they know better than anyone what it needs and what it doesn’t.

Politicians have realised this is all about how the NHS will be remembered for all the right things and they could be thought of, for all the wrong things. 

All of this has changed because the public will realise they don’t have to take time off work for routine appointments that can be done in minutes on their smart-phone.  

The public will know we can share data in their best interests.  They will realise the impediments to modernisation have been based on protectionism and false caution.

All of this has changed because the NHS has been released from its legacy debt by simply transferring it into Public Dividend Capital.  

A move the Treasury could have authorised years ago but instead, was content to see the NHS dragged backwards and branded, inefficient and profligate.

All of this has changed because relatives have been able to speak to granny on an iPad loaned by the Trust.  Care homes safer as staff are supported by the power of FaceTime and a nurse prescriber.

All this changed when the GMC and NMC said an honest mistake, made honestly is no business of theirs.

All this has changed when, force-majeure, safe staffing became 1:6 in ITU and one to as many as there are, on the wards.     

All this has changed when the first management team worked from home and the first Board met, using Zoom.

There is no innovation too leading edge.  There is no regulator that is any longer relevant, no inspector that will ever be able to trash you, because the public knows a hero when it sees one.  

There is nothing that needs to be done, changed improved in the name of common sense that we cannot do…

… because of all this, there is no going back.


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