Managing Difficult Staff in General Practice

Managing Difficult Staff in General Practice

This is a 1/2 day course, aimed at managers who are required to lead and motivate teams made up of differing individuals, some of whom may have been in their role for numbers of years, who may have differing aspirations and needs, in the ever-challenging, ever-changing but invariably dynamic environment of GP practice.

Our aim is to give delegates the opportunity to learn from experienced managers, engage with like-minded individuals, taking away practical, useful tools from the session that will genuinely help them to get the very best from every member of their team going forward.

Objectives and Outcomes

The course consists of:

  • Defining difficult behaviours (if we can understand ‘why’ they are behaving in a challenging way, we can manage them better)
  • Understanding profiles of difficult behaviour
  • Understanding the influences of difficult behaviour
  • Understand that it is ISN’T YOU
  • The importance of assertiveness and how to take control
  • Communication – communicate, communicate, communicate…..
  • The importance of leading and not managing
  • Learn to listen – How to become a better listener
  • Interpreting Body Language
  • Resolving conflict
  • Zero tolerance (the NHS campaign and you)
  • Assessing further training requirements

Investment – 1/2 day training £165.00