low-calorie diet may help reverse type 2 diabetes

‘Radical’ low-calorie diet may help reverse type 2 diabetes

“Radical diet can reverse type 2 diabetes,” reports The Guardian. This follows a trial of an intensive weight loss programme for overweight and obese people with type 2 diabetes, conducted at GP surgeries in Scotland and Tyneside. People were randomised to follow either the Counterweight Plus weight loss programme or standard care for 12 months. […]

On the list next year

Do you ever think we’re barking up the wrong tree?  Got hold of the wrong end of the stick? The road to somewhere is paved with good intentions.  We get ourselves revved up and ready to go and just as we take the breaks off, realise we are facing in the wrong direction. We might […]

Doctor’s Diary: over-the-counter Viagra is making pharmacists lives more interesting (and your own)

The announcement last week that it will soon be possible to purchase the wonder drug Viagra from the local friendly pharmacist is in line with the growing (and very welcome) trend to allow the public to obtain useful drugs without the bother of having to see the doctor. Full article here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/doctors-diary/doctors-diary-over-the-counter-viagra-making-pharmacists-lives/


If you have a relative in a care-home this’ll interest you and if you don’t it should…   Which? the consumer magazine people, have been busy researching.  Results published last week, that didn’t hit the headlines.  Given the system-wide difficulties with care of the elderly, this news should have pushed Brexit, Trump and all the other […]

Training Primary Care

Eating 40g of cheese a day may reduce heart attack and stroke risk

“Eating a small portion of cheese every day could reduce your chance of developing heart disease or stroke,” reports The Independent. Chinese researchers reviewed previous studies and found a modest reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease, heart attacks and stroke, of around 10% among people who ate cheese. They said […]


The Tinkerman continues his pursuit of safety. He’s moved on to baby births and deaths.  Quite right. Concerns go back to 2011; evidence of our poor performance.  We rate 33rd out of thirty five countries.  It looks to me like something is very wrong.  Wrong with the numbers or wrong with the services.  Which is […]

Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits

Jeremy Hunt has ordered NHS England to stick to waiting time limits, putting him at loggerheads with its leaders who said hours earlier that insufficient funding from last week’s budget made this impossible. Full story: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/nov/30/nhs-bosses-waiting-time-targets-abandoned-next-year?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Get real

Overheard in a pub… ‘Mum used to like coming here, do you remember, Dad?’ The old boy seemed to shrink into his grey cardigan and shook his head. ‘Yes you do, she liked the fish and chips…’ He shook his head again, his eyes filled with tears. ‘Oh don’t mind him, he’s got, you know… […]

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Complete Shift

The NHS is planning a major paradigm shift, amid fears that the Five Year Forward View shows no sign of delivering results. Sources say that NHS bosses and ministers are concerned at the lack of progress and fear that with only 22 months left to go before “the Stevens plan” reaches its fifth birthday, decisive […]

The Chaplain’s tale

News and Comment from Roy Lilley. The cold November wind pulled at David’s crisp white surplice.  He looked across the fields and in the distance could see a sprinkling of snow on the hills. He waited whilst John Edmundson’s boys went about their usual routine. ‘Boys’, David chuckled to himself, ‘…not one of them under […]