It probably is

When The Tinkerman fronts-up to the cameras and says ‘sorry’ for the state of play in the NHS… bet your life he didn’t decide to do it off his own bat. The special advisors, the policy wonks, the media people, the Cabinet and Number Ten would have schemed it.  Fessing up is very unusual very […]

‘Oh no! My husband’s become a granola-crunching fitness freak’

When I first met my husband Matthew seven years ago, our attitudes to fitness were similar. We didn’t do sport, our jobs were fairly inactive – he’s a data analyst, I’m a comedian – and we spent our evenings at the pub, not especially fit but both a healthy-ish weight.


News and Comment from Roy Lilley. They don’t make their cars like they used to.  They make great wine.  They have strange taste in politicians and their healthcare system is different to ours. No, not Italy.  I’m talking Trumpsville. Their health outcomes… some of the best in the world.  However, despite the best efforts of Barack Obama […]


The dark clouds gathered across the slate grey sky.  Another dawn arrived with a sliver of silver light, just above the horizon. The street lamps were still glowing amber. There were twelve Merc 515’s lined up on the runway, they’d been there all night.  Interior lights blazing.  Some engines ticking over.  Ambulances, on a nine […]

Doesn’t get fixed

News and Comment from Roy Lilley. I’m back… with a new pair of lairy socks and a bottle of Penderyn.  Christmas… what’s not to like? Right, sleeves rolled up, ready?  My guess; it will be another year between a rock and no place. We could make a resolution.  Bore everyone for a week, make excuses […]

Open mind

I’ve got the feeling that this year is not going to end with either a whimper, or a bang.  It’s going to fizzle out… Unless you’ve had a family wedding, a baby, a new job or the holiday of a lifetime, this might well be the sort of year, that if it were a colour, […]

Can a daily cup of tea help prevent glaucoma?

“Could drinking tea really be linked to a lower risk of glaucoma?,” asks The Guardian. The question is prompted by a US survey, carried out in 2005-06, that asked what people drank over the past 12 months and looked for any links with current diagnoses of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition where pressure builds up […]