You may have read about the unconference, the conference for people who don’t go to conferences. A lot of people are getting excited about them on Twitter – and with good reason. The unconference is potentially the most exciting development in the NHS since the invention of the forward view, the template and the IT […]



News and Comment from Roy Lilley. The tectonic plates are shifting.  We don’t need a seismic geologist.  We need a bit of common sense. Warnings are coming thick and fast. They started with care home provider, Four Seasons who are struggling with £540.2m debt, on top of difficulties with agency staffing costs, post-Brexit exodus of […]

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Don’t you think

It’s Monday morning.  It’s very quiet.  I’m sitting looking at the screen.  Thinking. Thinking is good, isn’t it?  We don’t do enough thinking.  Spending time in uninterrupted thought. The day is getting started.  In the distance I can hear the faint whisper of traffic.  Somewhere out there is a workman with a hammer.  A tattoo […]



News and Comment from Roy Lilley. Soft rain is falling on the cold earth.  A child has died.  We are in mourning.  A child has died in the place that should be the safest on god’s earth. A child, entrusted to the only people we dare trust, beyond each other, beyond family, has died.   […]

Plackard has the last laugh

Plackard has the last laugh

Another big week at NHS Blithering, the country’s most challenged health economy, where head of communications Martin Plackard is worried about the glass ceiling. A rumour about the activities of Sir Trevor Longstay could be just the opportunity Plackard needs for a breakthrough… Dr David Rummage laughed. “Oh come off it, Plackard,” he said. “Not […]

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Homeopathic ‘scams’ could be advertised on prime-time television

Advertisements for useless and potentially dangerous products falsely touted as cures for cancer could appear during prime-time television if proposed amendments to therapeutic goods laws go ahead, a former deputy chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Allan Asher, has said.

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Yes / No

Late night on Twitter is bandit country.  Fuelled by Bacchus a lot gets said.  Best avoided. However, ignoring my own advice; a couple of evenings ago, I watched some very interesting exchanges between Gordon Caldwell, a consultant physician working in Worthing and various insomniacs. Have a scroll through his time-line.  Look for a picture of […]