I’m confident you will…

I'm confident you will... NHS_Training_in_Primary_Care_General_Practice

Where does confidence come from?

A settled acceptance of your state of mind, a belief in your ability, skill and experience.

Where does it come from?  Mostly experience.  Not just years-lived experience but the experiences of your lived-life.

Early years, social background, opportunity and upbringing.  The Duchess used to talk of kids being ‘old before their time‘, she meant they were confident.  

We all know adults who are timid, shy and lack confidence.  We are what we are and that’s the sum-total of where we’ve been, who we’ve been with, what we’ve seen and what we’ve done.

Are you feeling confident?  It’s all going to plan?  The nation’s in the driving seat?

I used to feel confident about scientists.  I’d listen.  That was until I caught them speaking science-babble about wearing masks.  Whilst the world was wearing them…

‘They didn’t know… there was no evidence… limited use’… weeks of cogitating, ruminating and delay.  

Then, Trish Greenhalg reminded us: when approaching issues of potential harm and extensive scientific knowledge is lacking… if we aren’t sure, adopt the precautionary principle.  Wear a mask.

It’s now obvious, the brain-boxes were implicated in covering up the shortage of PPE.  

Confidence undermined.

I used to be confident of testing.  There are gargantuan efforts to make it come right.  But, if you could track and trace my in-box, you’d know what I mean.

It’s obvious, test NHS staff.  The science-babble says it’s not worth doing, so they’re sent home for a fortnight, to incubate or not.

Confidence evaporating. 

So much depends on T&T.  One thing I can say with confidence, the government is hell-bent on opening up and only T&T will stop us from having to close down.

Domonic Cummings... I read his blogs, admired his bold pursuit of fresh thinking.  Until, he tried to tell me driving to a castle, to test his eyesight, on his wife’s birthday, was OK.  Really, he’s a charlatan. I feel conned.

Confidence gone…

… and millions of us are much smarter than he.

BoJo?  I look at him, pale, dishevelled, exaggerated gestures and aggression.

Appearance is an indicator of attitude, self respect.  An archaic view?  Yes, if that were the only thing…  

…he has no exit strategy from CV-19, beyond the arcade game of Whack-a-Mole.  That tells me, he’s dealing with the predictable, piecemeal… no strategy.  On the hoof, ad-hoc.

Life and death addressed with flippancy, bluster.  Facetious diversions in pursuit of headlines.  Confusion over lockdown rules, a bemused public unable to explain what’s right or not.  Now, displaying a general disregard and doing what they want.

Confidence departed.

Managing a department, an organisation or a nation, in tricky times, needs leaders to create confidence.  Here are six ways;

1.  Being prepared to say, ‘I was wrong’, is a great start.  When everyone can see something’s not right… leaders build confidence by admitting it.  

BoJo can’t bring himself to do that.  Can you?

2.  Investing in people, improving working practices and implementing the innovations that have come through Covid, will create confidence that staff really are the number one priority.  

The NHS has opened its doors and battered-down barriers to make innovation happen.  Now, leaders must create the confidence they’ll stick, or disappoint a lot of people who have busted a gut.

3.  Asking, what do you think?  Sharing uncertainties, problems, being open minded and showing you are not above criticism.  

The plan to open the schools failed because there was no consultation.  No one’s confident how it’ll happen and there’s more confusion around what’s possible.

4.  Keeping promises.  Say you’ll do something, do it and if it turns out you can’t, say why.  People will be much more confident if they know you keep your word.  

A world class T&T isn’t going to happen any time soon.  But, we can create confidence that there’ll be a world class effort to try.

5.  Be the best example you can be.  Cummings’ conspiracy with BoJo, undermined all confidence that the rules were for everyone and every other decision he will make, will be seen in that light.

6.  Create confidence by saying well done, find the back that needs patting, say thank you…

… we can all do that by playing a part on Saturday and Sunday in the celebrations #ThankYouTogether this special weekend.  

Join in, do it and enjoy it!

I’m confident you will!

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