Cultural change workshops aimed at driving improved patient access

In the NHS today, there are many complex factors influencing the future delivery of services for general practice and community care.  The NHS transformation agenda provides many opportunities and challenges.  The NHSE recent Five Year Forward View document supports strongly a secondary to primary and community care resource shift.  Through our series of workshops we plan not only to empower GPs and Practice Managers to take on the challenges but also seize the opportunities presented to them.

One of the principle challenges in Primary Care today is managing the cultural shift from working as single handed practitioners or partner based practices to a model that is dependent on collective collaboration.

TrainingPrimaryCare specialised in cultural change with a number of sectors including primary care. Our team has a portfolio of skills which enable us to deliver focused, positive learning and reflection which will inspire and motivate those in primary care to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that collaborative working brings.

We can provide a series of workshops that will underpin knowledge, understanding, skill and experience for a collaboration of practices as they change their current ways of working into a more collaborative based model.

With a minimum of five workshops delivered over a period of three months which will allow for learning and reflective practice to take place.

Workshop Structure

Each workshop will be split into two halves:

  1. Covering the curriculum below we will provide power point presentation hand outs and materials for note taking enabling attendees to compile a library of information to tap into on an on-going basis.
  1. Break out groups discuss the previous learning session and apply it to their own circumstances and the transformation agenda in Hounslow with its many opportunities and challenges.

Each workshop will end with a summary and a course evaluation.


In the interests of both the commissioner of the workshops and the participating practices we believe that the workshops should be based around the Executive Summary the NHS Transformation Agenda and PM Challenge Fund bid.  This would include feedback from the Joint Committee of Primary Care Trusts and work previously carried out by the Clinical Working Group.

Aims and Objectives:

This programme aims to support practices to work together collaboratively as a network to deliver a range of services. This course will provide GPs and Practice Managers with the skills and knowledge required for both service delivery and organisational development. The following topics will be covered within this programme:

Date Topic to be covered Expected outcomes Target audience
1. Understanding the NHS landscape High level overview of Governance

Understanding risk

Clinical governance

IT governance

Partnership agreements

Financial processes and structures

Commissioning v’s provider role

Building relationships with CCG’s / NHSE/London


Senior Partners, Practice Managers and Business Managers
2. Effective Collaboration Working together as Partners

Infrastructure requirements


Building effective communication platforms


Senior Partners and Practice Managers
3. Business Development Procurement

Impact assessments and business planning

Joint commissioning


Understanding the pitfalls


Senior Partners, Practice Managers and / or Business Managers
4. Delivering Change Organisational Development

Service delivery

Cementing culture

Value systems


Senior Partners, Practice Managers
5. Back room services

Governance (in sharing services)

Sharing – the pros and cons

How to deal with the ‘fallout’

Senior Partners and Practice Managers
6. Impact Negotiation skills and strategies

Decision Making

Contributing to and structuring meetings


Practice Managers