Blithering turns up the bandwidth


Sir Trevor Longstay has ordered the creation of a new unit to coordinate the delivery of digital innovation in NHS Blithering. NHSBX will bring the benefits of modern technology to every patient and clinician in the area.

Sir Trevor said: “Think of it as an integrated high-speed version of NHS Digital and NHS England. We can no longer wait for critical decisions about local services to be taken by faceless bureaucrats in Leeds and London. We need our own locally accountable faceless bureaucrats to deliver the digital future for the people of Blithering.”

Accelerated rollout

NHSBX will be responsible for:

• The accelerated rollout and spread of disruptive innovation

• The design, delivery and real-time evaluation of digital exemplar programmes

• Strategic system-wide alignment of digital tech with local health priorities

• Bulk buying of toner cartridges and photocopier paper.

NHSBX will be headed by local GP and serial entrepreneur Dr David Rummage, proprietor of the DocOnTap virtual GP service and the Out of Hours Bar and Grill.

“With almost no GPs left in Blithering, we have focused most of our efforts on the prevention agenda. Our AI algorithm reduces the need for people to see a GP by signposting patients to peer-reviewed Google based sources and leading TV doctors for the latest health and wellbeing advice. It literally prevents all but the most determined cases from getting through the door,” Dr Rummage said.

Patients facing a medical emergency and those in at-risk groups get a text message advising them to go to hospital or talk to the voluntary sector, he added.

Game changers

Posing for photos with health secretary Matt Hancock and DocOnTap executive chairman Sir Trevor Longstay in front of the company’s new headquarters in the former Blithering Town Hall, Dr Rummage dismissed suggestions that his new role as head of disruption would conflict with his existing roles as medical director and acting head of procurement at Blithering CCG.

Mr Hancock has expressed impatience at the time taken by the NHS to embrace the latest technologies. He said: “Great care demands great tech. Outmoded analogue notions of governance should never be allowed to get in the way of progress. I’m tired of hearing NHS staff complain that they can’t cure cancer or prevent congenital diseases because they can’t get a decent wifi connection.”

Mr Hancock promised an “open door policy for Sir Trevor, Dr Rummage and other game changers in the digital ecosystem”.

Demand-led strategy

Martin Plackard, head of future communications and digital experience at NHSBX said: “Extensive consultation for the Blithering long-term plan revealed that digital innovation is the number one priority for local people.

“They told us that while the health related benefits of the NHS are fairly important, what really matters to them is interoperability of data, integration of records systems and development of a competitive market for IT based on open source software.”

Technology editor: Julian Patterson


Reproduced at by kind permission of Julian Patterson.