TrainingPrimaryCare presents workshops to Practitioners and Practice Managers in the West London Clinical Commissioning Group

As part of their focused, dedicated strategy to assist primary health care providers in the North West London sector meet the challenges facing their practices, TrainingPrimaryCare, presented a series of workshops that were directed towards the local application of the Executive Summary of West London’s NHS Transformation Agenda.

The workshops, led by TrainingPrimaryCare's Lindsay Dubock and Jerry Appleyard, were directed towards equipping Practitioners and Practice Managers with the knowledge-base and skills necessary to achieve effective service delivery. They ensured on-going organisational development and, in collaboration with other local practices, provided a complete primary health care service within the context of the additional demands and requirements created by the planned secondary to primary and community care resource shift. The programme included an emphasis on co-commissioning.

Through its workshops, TrainingPrimaryCare aimed to demonstrate to Clinicians and Managers that, whilst the transformation agenda in the West London sector presents many serious challenges, with an effective strategic reaction it also provides many opportunities for future practice development.

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