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“Your input was extremely helpful and gratefully received. I would definitely recommend your service to others.”

“We at Lancaster Gate found the input hugely useful.  It highlighted areas where we were doing the work, but just needed to ensure that we were providing evidence in the right way to evidence the work we were putting in. We would highly recommend this to all practices.”

“We both very much appreciated the in depth feedback you were able to give us as well as some reassurance about the service we are providing. We are both very passionate about the practice and you took this into account and worked with us to better improve our service. We couldn’t ask for more.”

“I believe we were incredibly fortunate to secure your services. We have benefited enormously from your positive energy, flexibility and solutions focused approach. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again in the near or medium future.”

“We found the visit extremely helpful and certainly worthwhile. Thus confirming what we had heard from other practices you had visited. We would certainly recommend you to other practices.”

Who we are?

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About us

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This Weeks NHS Primary Care News Roundup

Shortage of leadership… Conferences are a waste of time, an echo chamber of the likeminded, similar interests and hopes?  Discuss… The disciples of data meet to discuss a distant nirvana, hoping for a golden age of technology.  A communion with the latest fads and acronyms to bamboozle the unbelievers. What I’d like is a conference […]

Heart may not be only organ to defy laws of physics

  The heart age test is back. In case you didn’t catch it first time round, this is an app designed to make the health-conscious middle classes even more anxious. The health secretary, Matt Hancock, took to Twitter to hail the test as a brilliant public health initiative and a very fine app indeed. As […]


News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Amazon can… There’s the right way, the wrong way and the NHS-way. The NHS almost never do things the right way.  Employee relations, patient safety, workforce planning, finance, regulation, interoperability.  The list is endless.   But, to be fair, it never does things totally the wrong way.   It tries but gets bogged down in bureaucracy, […]

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