Effective Meetings in a Medium to Large GP Practice

One of the essential elements of the successful management of a medium to large GP practice is the establishment and operation of an effective decision making forum, whose decisions can be clearly and confidently relayed to the Practice Manager for implementation. The ideals, philosophies, practices and approaches of each individual partner and the interactions and […]

Roundtable / Workshops

Primary care practices and GPs are facing an overwhelming amount of pressure from many sources: patients, local authorities, central government, CCG’s, CQC, LMC’s and NHSE. TrainingPrimaryCare has a wealth of knowledge that can deliver a series of roundtable / workshops in line with London’s Shaping a Healthier Future (SaHF) strategy to help Doctors, Partners, Business […]

Cultural change workshops aimed at driving improved patient access

In the NHS today, there are many complex factors influencing the future delivery of services for general practice and community care.  The NHS transformation agenda provides many opportunities and challenges.  The Five Year Forward View document supports strongly a secondary to primary and community care resource shift.  Through our series of workshops we plan not […]

Implementing Fundamental Changes to a GP Practice

Numerous challenges presently face GP practices in their position as the principal providers of primary health care in the UK. These challenges, which include increasing workloads, reducing investment, treasury demands for increased efficiency, crises in recruitment, new procurement and tendering regulations, additional patient demands and increasing competition from the private sector have caused many partners […]

The Pressures Facing GPs in the UK

Since the introduction of the new GP Contract in 2004, GP practices have found themselves subject to ever-increasing scrutiny, regulation and legislation. The changes in the legal and financial strictures to which practices are subject, combined with uncertainty surrounding the implications of further planned initiatives, have introduced several significant pressures, including: Achieving the demands of […]

CQC Readiness in Primary Care

CQC inspections are an unknown quantity to many practices. This creates anxiety for Practice Managers, Partners and Clinical Leads. Our CQC Readiness service gives an opportunity for reassurance that the practice is in a fit place for inspection and to create an understanding of what the practice needs to do to get the very best […]

TrainingPrimaryCare presents workshops to Practitioners and Practice Managers in the West London Clinical Commissioning Group

As part of their focused, dedicated strategy to assist primary health care providers in the North West London sector meet the challenges facing their practices, TrainingPrimaryCare, presented a series of workshops that were directed towards the local application of the Executive Summary of West London’s NHS Transformation Agenda. The workshops, led by TrainingPrimaryCare’s Lindsay Dubock […]