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News and Comment from Roy Lilley. Innovation is disruptive.  I mean proper innovation; troublesome to everyone involved and why people back away. Uber; fighting in the courts, is really disruptive.  It pulls the rug on minicab companies, will decimate the Black Cab business, revolutionise how we travel, disrupt the licensing authorities, create thousands of jobs […]

Video of the NHS England Board meeting

The NHS England Board meeting was broadcast live on 28 September as part of our commitment to make information as accessible as possible. You can now view a recording below: Recent Posts Change our destiny… Get what they promised… What will they add-up to… Time Traveller… Normal…

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News and Comment from Roy Lilley The goings on at Westminister are pretty grim.  First, the expenses stuff, now this… All the time there are humans in a system there’s a human potential for bad behaviour; malevolent, sinister, criminal, deliberate, casual or unintended. Some will say, if we can’t rely on common-sense and integrity in […]

Ambiguity – CareBnB!

News and Comment from Roy Lilley Was it wacky? Stupid?  A brain wave? Innovative or just plain daft.  We’ll never know. When the gig-economy clattered against the barricades of social care, it got a bruising. CareRoom’s BnB is dead.  Was it a good idea? Setting aside our prejudices, we will never know. What price innovation […]

A GP’s diary of quality improvement August 2017

NHS England Published on Aug 22, 2017 It’s been a busy August for Farzana with trying to manage a host of meetings, childrens’ school holidays, whilst keeping the day job of being a GP going. This month she’s used her quality improvement knowledge and skills: • in her role as a board director at her […]

Back to where it belongs… News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Last year, in the middle of the maelstrom we call winter, half seriously, I suggested if Trust were in such extremis over delayed transfers of care, they might consider taking over their nearest Premier Inn and use it as step-down care. Clean linen, fresh cooking, comfy rooms, a telly and a lounge to get together.  […]

Not in his day… News and Comment from Roy Lilley

‘The woman has only had the job for five minutes and already she’s causing trouble…’ That was the answer I got when I rang a surgeon friend and asked her about the NHSI report telling us; operating theatres were turning into museums and missing the chance to do 280,000 more operations a year. She was […]

Banging heads together… News and Comment from Roy Lilley

It seems the NHS has missed another target. The news slipped out whilst The Maymite was hogging the headlines in Europe.  No one noticed. The target itself is easy to game, so the fact it is dropping-out tells us something… If Trusts miss the target it costs them £250 a day.  In the last year, […]

Quality Improvement – A GPs diary

Case study of Dr Farzana and how her team are using the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) to increase the number of appointments patients book online. Previous news Alternative guide to NHS England 2017 Unlike the other one… News and Comment from Roy Lilley