Roundup of News and Comments

Keep up… I wonder what the next ten years will bring?  For me… probably a funeral!  Don’t worry, I’ll leave a few quid for a party. For the rest of you?   Here’s what I think… Blockchain; if you’re not across this, you should be.  It’s a protocol that allows for secure, direct, (no companies or […]

A warm welcome from Sir Trevor

Letter from Sir Trevor Longstay to the new secretary of state for health, Matt Hancock Dear Matt Congratulations on your appointment. The fact that so few have heard of you only serves to make your achievement the more remarkable. As the leader of one of England’s foremost health economies, I am often asked what I […]

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NHS Primary Care News And Comments Roundup

Make a difference… It looks like Number 18 has hardly covered himself in glory in his first few days as Secretary of State for Health+. He started by hacking-off 200 people who had bought tickets, paid railway fares and in some cases hotel accommodation and air-tickets, by ignoring the convention, of accepting his predecessor’s diary […]


A celebration of all that’s great about Plackard

Martin Plackard quivered with excitement as he sat down with a large mug of Fairtrade coffee and an artisanal pastry and fired up Twitter. Today was the NHS’s 70th birthday, the culmination of weeks of carefully choreographed emoting by Plackard, his fellow communications professionals and Twitter’s vast army of self-appointed leaders and opinion formers. He […]


This Weeks’ News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Take the best into the future… In October, 1942 an idealistic, newly qualified doctor, arrived from Scotland, to work in a mining town in South Wales.  Later, he moved on to work as an assistant in the miners’ medical aid scheme.   The experiences and the travails of this young man and the conflict he […]


Rummage at hand

In which NHS Blithering’s medical director continues to push the paperless envelope of innovation. Could David Rummage’s voice-driven app spell the end of general practice as we know it? “Go on, Plackard. Ask it anything you like.” “Anything?” asked Plackard, suspiciously. Dr David Rummage shoved his Samsung Galaxy into Plackard’s well-manicured hand. “Almost anything. Tell […]

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This Weeks NHS Primary Care News Roundup

Sleeves rolled up… Do you want to know what’s going on?  It’s easy enough find out.  If you have a morning or two to spare and don’t have much of a life, here are 43 data sets you can trawl through. Statistics code of practice compliance 12 month statistics calendar Recent statistical publications Statistics contact […]


Where next for transformation?

A national consultation on terminology for NHS planners is set to start in the next few weeks, to ensure that the forthcoming ten year plan for the NHS has sufficient rhetorical robustness and sustainability. The Five Year Forward View set a new gold standard for NHS vision statements with its elegant prose and impressive neologisms. […]


This Weeks Roundup of News and Comments by Roy Lilley

Not begun… Let’s get to it.  I only have 700 words.  I don’t want to fritter any. Why is the NHS so bad at workforce planning?   We have a mission critical workforce.  One of the most highly educated and skilled groups on the planet and what we don’t have in qualifications, we have in […]


In the consulting room: compulsive lying

In this week’s instalment of our fly-on-the-wall documentary about the working lives of doctors, an NHS finance director discusses a delicate matter with her GP Doctor: What can I do for you today? Patient: It’s a bit embarrassing. I’d rather not talk about it Doctor: There’s nothing you can tell me that I haven’t heard […]