A next time

It can happen to any organisation… out of the blue… disaster strikes.  Are you on the back foot or the front foot? The pressure’s on; the people in the front-line are coping, best they can, with ‘whatever it is’, but along with the 24hrs news-cycle and social media, new pressures build for communication professionals. Gone […]

A softer centre

NHS England and NHS Improvement have announced a major strategy shift from central control to a new “light touch” and supportive approach to management. The move is designed to address concerns that hierarchical management structures and an obsession with control are impeding change. In the new regime, dubbed the Soft Centre, out go command and […]


Asking too much

News and Comment from Roy Lilley. An organisation can only travel at the speed of its people, deliver what its people are trained to do and only what they’re willing to do. The last seven-odd years have been super-tough for the NHS.  The legacy of a forgotten generation of frail-elderly has caught up with us.  […]

primary care training fasion

It’s a fact

Do you pay much attention to fashion?  Trousers with turn-ups… in or out?  Denim jacket with faux-fur collar… in fashion, out of fashion, come-around-again-fashion? Fashion plays a much bigger role in our lives than we realise.  Not just clothes… furnishings… places to go on holiday… somehow things just become fashionable.   A car is a car […]

Britain needs to go on a diet, says top health official

The portion sizes of some of Britain’s most popular foods are to be cut, with health officials telling the public it is time “to get on a diet”. Public Health England is targeting pizzas, ready meals, processed meat and takeaways, in a new obesity drive.


Join in

I was due to have diner with an old friend.  Italian restaurant in Covent Garden.  Menu to die for.  Chianti and a chat and certainly  a grappa and a gossip. I didn’t go.  The weather was dodgy.  Trains, all over the place.  I gave it a miss. It was only when I read the story […]


Probiotics and fish oil in pregnancy may reduce allergies in children

“Fish oil supplements and probiotic yoghurts during pregnancy may decrease children’s risk of developing allergies,” reports The Independent. Allergies – such as asthma, eczema and food allergies – have become common in the UK. Previous research has suggested that women’s diets while pregnant and breastfeeding, and how long they breastfeed for, may affect the child’s […]


Trying to do to the NHS

News and Comment from Roy Lilley. How you doin?  Warm jumper, Hobnobs, cuppa builders?  Works for me… After all this… we’ll have a book full of stories… ambulance and community staff being unbelievable… heroes keeping A&E going.  Allied professionals, jumping hoops and hurdles.  Ward staff, working to a frazzle.   Back office and the unsung, […]