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Don’t know what to say… The young woman stood, sentinel, eyes fixed on the wafer-thin man in the bed. The crisp white sheets stretched across his chest.  He hadn’t moved since the nurse tucked them in. All night the woman had watched as death’s door inched open.  The only privacy, a curtain between them and […]


Baron of body parts: a Blithering winter

Members of the Blithering shadow ICS joint governance committee are feeling anxious. Sir Trevor Longstay is in a good mood. This is usually a bad sign. Last time Sir Trevor smiled it was before he announced a major outbreak of infection at Blithering General – a source of pleasure mainly because it cost the job […]


News and Comments This Week

News and Comment from Roy Lilley Where we go to find it… If you glance at your calendar, 2025 looks like a long way off.  Seven years.  One, maybe two elections away.  Time for children to be born and start school.  Time for others to retire and start a new life.   Three hundred and […]


Matt Hancock’s week: head of visions

Thanks to a readily exploited security flaw in the Matt Hancock app, we can bring you further exclusive extracts from the health and social care secretary’s private diary Things are going pretty well, even if I say so myself. I’m coming up with a new tech-related idea every week. These have been enthusiastically received by […]


This Weeks Roundup of NHS News and Comments by Roy Lilley

Tell us how… If we could all run as fast as Hussein Bolt, none of us would ever miss a bus. We can’t.  If we trained seven days a week we never will. If we all could sing like Adele… we can’t and that’s why karaoke-nights are best avoided. If we could all be as […]


The Department for Plans

A new department for long-term plans forms a key part of government proposals to make British planning the envy of the world. In Plans: a Long-Term Call to Consider Action, the government sets out its proposals to deal with “the unprecedented rise in demand for new plans” in the public sector.  The Department for Integrated […]


This Weeks NHS Primary Care News Roundup

Shortage of leadership… Conferences are a waste of time, an echo chamber of the likeminded, similar interests and hopes?  Discuss… The disciples of data meet to discuss a distant nirvana, hoping for a golden age of technology.  A communion with the latest fads and acronyms to bamboozle the unbelievers. What I’d like is a conference […]

Heart may not be only organ to defy laws of physics

  The heart age test is back. In case you didn’t catch it first time round, this is an app designed to make the health-conscious middle classes even more anxious. The health secretary, Matt Hancock, took to Twitter to hail the test as a brilliant public health initiative and a very fine app indeed. As […]


News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Amazon can… There’s the right way, the wrong way and the NHS-way. The NHS almost never do things the right way.  Employee relations, patient safety, workforce planning, finance, regulation, interoperability.  The list is endless.   But, to be fair, it never does things totally the wrong way.   It tries but gets bogged down in bureaucracy, […]