This Weeks NHS Primary Care News Roundup

Shortage of leadership… Conferences are a waste of time, an echo chamber of the likeminded, similar interests and hopes?  Discuss… The disciples of data meet to discuss a distant nirvana, hoping for a golden age of technology.  A communion with the latest fads and acronyms to bamboozle the unbelievers. What I’d like is a conference […]

Heart may not be only organ to defy laws of physics

  The heart age test is back. In case you didn’t catch it first time round, this is an app designed to make the health-conscious middle classes even more anxious. The health secretary, Matt Hancock, took to Twitter to hail the test as a brilliant public health initiative and a very fine app indeed. As […]


News and Comment from Roy Lilley

Amazon can… There’s the right way, the wrong way and the NHS-way. The NHS almost never do things the right way.  Employee relations, patient safety, workforce planning, finance, regulation, interoperability.  The list is endless.   But, to be fair, it never does things totally the wrong way.   It tries but gets bogged down in bureaucracy, […]

nhs quality

This Weeks’ News and Comment

The machines… What is quality?  What’s a quality service? For a start, quality is what you do when no one is looking… … and, achieving it?  Five steps;  Figuring out what you’re doing,  deciding if you want it,  putting things in place, to make sure you get it,  all the time, every-time,  until you don’t […]


Rummage on innovation

In the latest of our exclusive insights from the NHS Blithering top team, we asked director of new primary care paradigms Dr David Rummage to share his tips on how to be an effective technology enabled GP leader. (Dr Rummage appears by kind permission of Carphone Warehouse and Longstay Group, a not-for-profit GP collaborative for […]


NHS Primary Care News And Comments Roundup

Worth working for… Sweltering in the heat?  Not for you languid lunches on a sunlit terrace.  No shady palms.  No rattan sun loungers.  No fluffy towels neatly folded by the pool. For you it’s the sweltering heat on the train, no time for lunch, no seats on the bus, no fluffy towels, just a pile […]


Matt Hancock’s week: my big speech

My first big speech is a triumph, even if I say so myself. My head of staff Lucinda certainly thought so. I could see she was genuinely moved. Laughing one minute, crying the next. I have that effect on people. When JH started he made a big gaffe about NHS staff coasting, which didn’t exactly […]


News and Comment from Roy Lilley

See what he’s made of… It looks like No18 will be visiting B&Q this weekend, to buy a shovel. He needs to dig his way out of a very deep hole.  In fairness, it is not a hole, entirely of his own making.  A couple of feet of it are a legacy hole… a sink […]


Hancock’s half hour – the new health secretary’s diary

Over the years we have brought you exclusive access to the diaries of some of the most important people in the NHS, including Jeremy Hunt, Simon Stevens and Dame Sally Davies, so it didn’t take much to persuade newly installed secretary of state for health and social care Matt Hancock to let us publish the […]