This Weeks Roundup of News and Comments by Roy Lilley

Scrap it… The Nursing and Midwifery Council has been a troubled organisation for as long as I can remember. If regulation were an escalator, the NMC would be running up the down-side. Their problems were compounded when the Blair, Labour government ambushed them with the decision, they must become self sustaining; their income derived from […]


The Longstay Plan

“We have to act now,” said Sir Trevor Longstay, banging his fist on the table and sending a plate of custard creams flying in all directions. News had broken that Jeremy Hunt meant to publish a new ten year plan to coincide with the NHS’s 70th birthday. Sir Trevor looked round the table. Several heads […]


Get on with it

Let’s face it, it’s not going to happen.  We all hope it will, but it won’t.  We’ll have to soldier on. There ain’t goinna be a merger of the NHS and social care any time soon.  Sure, there will be a Green Paper and we should all pay attention and have our say but the […]


Thinkful change

This week we’ve invited Beverly Heaver, head of disruptive horizon scanning and new futures curation at the Mod Institute to talk to us about change and why it matters Change, it makes you think. Why don’t we co-think about it? Is your STP change process a doughnut or a cupcake? Are you a platform or […]


This Weeks News And Comments Roundup From Roy Lilley

Disappointing… I don’t know who runs the House of Commons but they need a kick up the backside. I was at Portcullis House the other evening, for the launch of a paper on IT and paperless-ness and all that other stuff.   I arrived in good time, just over half an hour in hand, only to be […]


In the consulting room: a mild case of GDPR

In which we establish an evidential link between data protection legislation, headaches and depression in general practice… GP: What can I do for you today, Mrs Smith? Patient: How did you get my name? GP: The receptionist told me before she buzzed you in Patient: I don’t remember giving her permission to share my details […]


Come and join us

Are you going shopping this weekend?  Where?  Food shopping?  Really?  Do you still push the wheels around Tesco? They’ll deliver it to you for free.  At a time to suit you!  You knew that didn’t you!   You can still go to the deli for the toasted cumquat seeds to sprinkle on your lavender ice cream […]

primary care training no one to look after them

No one to look after them

Here are some facts… The British Nationality Act 1948 gave UK citizenship to all people living in the United Kingdom and its colonies, full rights of entry and settlement into the UK.  Many were attracted by better prospects in ‘the mother country’. HMT Empire Windrush brought a group of 492 West Indian migrants to the port […]



Dame Julie Moore and Arsene Wenger gone in the same week. Both of these icons will have their fans and detractors.  Anyone who has tangled with The Dame will have a view.  Any football fan, who likes winning will have an opinion on Inspector Clouseau. Whatever… they’ll leave a hole, fans and a confused team. […]