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Towards systemness: Blithering takes the lead

In what many see as a landmark moment for integrated care, the NHS Blithering Care Partnership has announced the appointment of Sir Trevor Longstay as chief executive of both the area’s CCG and its acute trust. Dismissing objections to his appointment from patient groups, regulators and his own staff, Sir Trevor said he was “not […]

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The pursuit of excellence. Anyone, doing anything, will want to do it well. You’ll want to excel… or will you? Excellence doesn’t come easily. It comes with a sacrifice. Family, time, relationships, sometimes money. Excellence is tough. People are often reluctant to try. Good enough, is good enough for many of us. We are haunted […]

New app makes it easier than ever to go to A&E

New app makes it easier than ever to go to A&E

Matt Hancock has been extolling the virtues of an app that helps consumers to choose the right A&E department for their needs, another breakthrough that promises a win-win for patients and tech. The apps imagineering and actualisation team in Mr Hancock’s newly formed digital delivery unit NHSX has produced the following helpful “explainer”. So you’ve […]


Take note…

The most commonly used idioms are, probably, ‘the best of both worlds’, ‘speak of the devil’, ‘see eye to eye’ and… what about ‘once in a blue moon’! There’s another one in the making; ‘I’m sick of Brexit, let’s get out’. Whether you’re a remain-er-in-er or a get-er-out-er, it’s a dangerous thought. Taking a really […]

training primary care NHS you be the judge

You be the judge…

The Twitter-sphere can be a brutal place. People feel free to let loose invective and criticism I doubt they would do, even in a bar-room, face to face. The limit on the number of characters forces us into a brevity that can inadvertently give offence. The lack of an ‘irony’ emoji doesn’t help and some […]

training primary care NHS throw some ideas around

Throw around some ideas…

For the first time, since God was a lad in short trousers, we’re losing more GPs than we can recruit and one in three posts for specialty GP training don’t result in a GP joining the NHS. With amazing resilience, practices are muddling through. ‘Care guides’ replacing GPs, offering Zumba classes for back-pain and flower […]



A great man once told me; ‘be curious’. He wasn’t an educated man, he grew up at a time when, for working people, there wasn’t much education around. He was not educated but became knowledgeable. Today, there is nothing we can’t find out, by lunchtime. Google has unlocked a world of knowledge. Our problem… we […]


One chance…

Over four hundred thousand of us do it every year. Some will do it alone, others will have friends and family watching. They’ll be spellbound, horrified perhaps, seeing us in a new light and the whole experience for the first time. Others will have seen it all before. We may do it at mid morning… […]

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In a tunnel…

I guess the truth is, if we wanted to manage the NHS by the use of technology, we’d have done it by now. I know there is ‘the investment thing’. But, if we really, really pants-on-fire wanted to do it… we’d have done it. Instead, we have have a small army of enthusiasts, some disciples, […]


Let them off…

Why do we complicate things? The finance people used to try it on… until the Future Focussed Finance and their Value Makers appeared and reminded us NHS finance is only adding up, dividing, not much multiplication… and mostly taking away! Some people complicate things when they already know the answer… so they look heroic when […]